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Val! is Rad!

{Verbose and Angst-ridden}

23 July 1980
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Well, Val likes film :) anime, poetry, comic books, she also enjoys ranting about things, criticizing things (intelligently of course), fun [philosophical] conversations and philosophy in general, witty humor - exciting and interesting people, having fun (sweeping generalizations.. and Verbosity!!! =) She very much dislikes emoticons and people who are excessively self-important, as well as people who don't immediately see her as intruiging and as having more to offer in the way of fun, new perspectives, and amusing bitterness than everyone else in a given environment. This can make Val very unhappy and lead to excessive bitchiness. She likes attention. She forgot to say she loves FOOD! :( But.. no bio for you! ^-^ Sorry this is so boring! if you really want to see webpages I've done.. they're all really old but you can get there from here... apparently tripod decided to dump my pictures. bastards: http://members.tripod.com/zubuktaltkee/attempt1.html *sigh* this is a boring profile thingy.
I will be working on a poetry tribute website soon I hope :) I know that sounds generic, but it will truly be rad :)